This is a blog about relationships between white men and Asian women, written by a white guy living in the US who has been dating Asian women for most of his adult life (ok, I do admit that I have a bit of an Asian fetish). I realize that there really isn’t any way to write that without sounding creepy as hell, but don’t be so quick to judge – chances are there is someone or something that you are attracted to that I might find odd. That’s the beauty of human attraction! There’s someone out there for everyone.

My fascination with Asia started back in 1996 or so – right when I got out of college and the internet was just starting to come online. I quickly discovered that it was a fantastic new way to learn about different cultures, and I spent hours scouring the internet (even at work!) learning about all the exotic places I wanted to visit someday. Keep in mind that I grew up in the Midwestern US and I didn’t have the chance to meet very many Asian people in my first 21 years of life. It was beyond exhilarating to learn more about Asia and it’s rich history in a way that I hadn’t been able to up until that time.

So here I am. Nearly 20 years later, and everything about Asia still fascinates me just as it did back then. is a place to talk about the joys and struggles of interracial relationships between Asian women and western men.