The best website for meeting older Thai women may surprise you

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Dating is hard. It’s especially hard if you’re somewhat older and looking for a very specific type of person in your age group. If you happen to be a guy who is into older Thai women, I’ve got good news for you: it’s not that difficult. As crazy as it sounds, eHarmony is actually the best website for meeting older Thai woman. And as soon as you stop scratching your head and being skeptical about it, it’ll be easier to understand the reasons why:

  1. It’s user base is massive. It’s one of the largest online dating sites in the world. If you can’t find who you’re looking for any harmony, that person doesn’t exist. Period.
  2. Although not truly international, eHarmony is more diverse than most dating apps. They provide a very large and valuable database of potential matches for three main parts of the world: the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia.
  3. It’s relatively scam free. Unlike many other dating websites, eHarmony prides themselves on keeping things clean and legitimate.
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Anecdotal proof that eHarmony is the best website for meeting older Thai women

In my last post (where I explained how to tell if a Thai woman likes you), I mentioned that I have a handful of friends all over the world who have either a Thai girlfriend or wife.

I reached out to all of them before writing this article, curious to know what they think the best website is for meeting mature Thai women is. They are all diligently mature themselves (35 years old +), so they are very much in tune to what is good (and not) these days.

The answers I got were surprising. Originally, I was expecting to use these replies to write a general post about meeting Thai women online, but as you will see from the results of the responses below, there was a very specific reason why I just turned this into a gush-fest about eHarmony:

I followed up with everyone who mentioned eHarmony to find out why it’s so good. Let’s get into that now:

A deeper explanation of why eHarmony is the best

Before going any further, you have to know that eHarmony is only going to work for you if you live in the United States, Canada, the UK or Australia. I’ll talk about two alternative options at the end of this article, but for now let’s just talk about all the ways in which eHarmony is the best for finding Thai women who are slightly older in those 3 regions:

It’s one of the largest dating websites in the world

When you’re looking to meet people online, you want go where everybody is. Yes, there are other websites which claim to be more location specific, but the truth of the matter is they simply don’t have the user base.

Thai women praying

I’m not a mind reader, but I’m willing to bet that she’s praying for you to find her on eHarmony. Just a hunch.

In the western world, everybody knows eHarmony. They were founded in 1995 as a seminar company (read about their full history on Wikipedia), and there’s a very good reason for their success:

It’s fairly diverse

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, eHarmony is primarily for users in the western world. If you’re looking to meet an older Thai woman who actually live in Thailand, you’re going to have to spend some time in Thailand. There’s no way around it, However, eHarmony is incredibly great for meeting older Thai women who live in the United States, the UK, and Australia.

Remember – eHarmony has an incredibly large database of profiles of people of all backgrounds and races. Meeting Asian women on eHarmony is easy. There are plenty of them with active profiles at any given moment, and they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

This is another thing which makes the eHarmony application process worth the hassle. They gather so much data when users create new accounts that it makes it very easy to search for very specific things that you’re looking for in a person. I know of no other online dating service that is this in-depth.

From what my research has shown, searching for older Thai women on nearly any other dating website will give you very few results. And at least half of those will be scammers looking to swindle you out of something. Speaking of which…

You won’t get scammed

I met my wife online back in 2010, and even going back that far, dating websites were full of scammers and fakes. It was and incredibly frustrating process, but I was persistent enough to stay patient and work through all the noise. Obviously, it paid off.

Unfortunately, things haven’t gotten any better since then. Online dating is still sketchy, and you really need to pay attention to what you’re doing in order to prevent yourself from being conned in some form or another.

online dating scam

Tread carefully when using dating websites. This woman looks nice, but…how can you tell for sure that she is who she says she is? Is she even a she? Maybe she’s actually a he! Despite sounding like Dr Seuss, I’m dead serious. Be careful.

The good news is that I have never once met anyone who became the victim of a scam while using eHarmony. All of the current users that I talk to say that eHarmony is far less risky than other dating websites (mostly because of how stringent they are).

With the amount of information they require for each sign up, you won’t have to worry about being matched with anybody who isn’t who they say they are. When you have a match, you can be confident knowing that it’s a real person and not someone looking to drain your bank account (or worse).

Speaking of getting scammed, it behooves you to study up on what Thai girls are really like. That way, you’ll be able to protect yourself when someone approaches you who doesn’t fit the stereotypical “Thai girl” mold.

Other good websites and apps for meeting older Thai women

So now that we’ve established that eHarmony is a really good place to go when looking for older Thai women in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, what about those of you who live outside of those regions?

I have two suggestions for you. However, keep in mind that they both have some downsides that you need to know about:

ThaiCupid is a sub domain of the hugely popular Cupid Media group. This is the company that owns other websites such as Japan Cupid, Korea Cupid, Hong Kong Cupid, etc.

Fun fact: all of these are basically the same website with the same database of users, but they split them out separately to make it appear to be more location specific.

For what it’s worth, I met my wife on JapanCupid. However, as I mentioned earlier, it was an extremely frustrating experience for two reasons:

  1. The site is littered with scammers and fake profiles
  2. The Cupid Media group is shady as heck

For example, one of the ways they try to keep new users (who happen to be mostly men) active on the site is to fill their inboxes with fake messages from profiles of fake women.  It’s maddening two get your hopes up and reply to one of these messages, only to never hear from that person ever again. It happened to me, and it happens every guy that I talk to who uses one of those Cupid Media group websites.

If you’re curious, be sure to read my full review of JapanCupid to get a better sense of what the user experience of ThaiCupid will actually be like. Yes, it may be a good website for meeting older Thai women, but it’s going to be a lot more sketchy than using a larger and more legitimate site such as eHarmony.


What can I say about Tinder? If all you’re looking for is a hook up and nothing else, maybe that’s the way to go. Many guys head to Tinder first when trying to figure out how to meet Thai women.

However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that older people (especially older and more traditional Thai women) tend not to be as active on pick-up apps such as that. Yeah, you might get lucky, but it’s likely not going to be worth the hassle.

A few final words about trying to meet older Thai women online

Yes, I was as surprised as you likely were to hear that eHarmony is as good as it is for meeting mature Thai women. To be honest, if I was still single, this probably would’ve been the last place I ever would have considered looking. However, as you’ve now learned, it pays to reach out and start asking questions to those who are in the game and dealing with this kind of stuff on a daily basis.

It’s also really important to understand that older people tend to use technology less. Maybe that’s another reason why a more established brand such as eHarmony is so popular with older people who are looking for a true relationship and not just a hook-up…


My name is Doug, and I'm an ordinary white guy living in the US. 10 years ago I married a Japanese woman that I met online, and it's been an adventure to say the least! I started as a way to share all the lessons I've learned about dating (and ultimately marrying) an Asian woman.

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