Do Asian women like white guys?

By Doug •  3 min read

First of all, I think this is the stupidest question ever when it comes to dating and relationships. Every human being is unique and has interests rooted in many different areas, so it’s a bit naive and ignorant to wonder if Asian women can be attracted to anything but an Asian man. It’s sort of like asking if all Mexicans eat anything other than tacos for every meal. Yeah, maybe some are on a strict taco-only diet, but come on…let’s be real here. Yes, some Asian women are attracted to white guys. And at the same time, some have absolutely no interest and consider us vile and disgusting creatures. Everyone is different. Just because one Asian girl doesn’t want anything to do with white guys doesn’t mean they’re all like that.

With that out of the way, I’d like to share some tips for you white guys out there that will help you get on the good side of that Asian girl you’re so attracted to. Keep in mind that while I’m speaking in general terms here, I’m more specifically referring to Japanese, Korean, and Chinese women more than the southeastern variety (from places like Thailand, the Philippines, etc). But as I said earlier – every human being is different and it’s dangerous to lump someone from one country against another when describing personality differences. So take all of this with a grain of salt, please:

An Asian girl will be more attracted to you white guys if:

Asian women and western men have been dating and marrying ever since the first white man stepped foot in the Orient. And I’m sorry guys, the women of Asia don’t consider white men to be anything more special than a black or latino – we are all the same, and I can assure you that they aren’t going to place their interest in you just because of the color of your skin. Just be yourself, follow the tips above, and hope to heaven almighty that she doesn’t find you repulsive. Just like dating any other woman from any other race, right?


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