What is the purpose of AsiaGraphix.com?

If you have to ask, you probably won’t get it. But those of you who are in relationship where she is Asian and he is western (white, Caucasian, gringo, whatever…) know all too well how much of a struggle it can be at times. Western and Asian cultures couldn’t be any more different, and that usually results in the types of relationships which are, um…unique to say the least.

Sometimes funny stuff happens. Sometimes it’s painfully awkward. Sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. And if you’re lucky, it’s the best relationship you’ll ever have. This is the place where I discuss ALL of these issues.

Who is the person running the show?

My name is Doug, and I’m a white guy living in the US who has been dating Asian women (mostly from Japan and South Korea) for most of my adult life. I am now happily married to a Japanese woman who I’ve been with since 2009.

I fully understand how interesting (and frustrating) Asian/Caucasian relationships can be, but…is there really enough about the subject to warrant a full website about it?

You bet there is. I’ve never had anyone to talk to about the struggles (and joys) about white guy / Asian women relationships, so I decided to take what little free time I had and start this little blog. I know from experience that there area lot of people out there who are curious, and AsiaGraphix.com serves to get the conversations started.

Hey, I have a lot to say about Asian girl / white guy relationships! Can I write some articles for you?

Of course! My ultimate goal for AsiaGraphix.com is to create a community of like-minded people who want to talk about everything and anything regarding relationships between western men and Asian women.

The more authors the merrier, and I’m very open to having others contribute with their own opinions or thoughts on the subject. Please contact me so we can discuss this further.