How to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you

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For us guys, trying to figure out whether or not a woman likes us has always been one of our biggest struggles in life. Some women are easier to figure out than others, but I’ve got really good news for you. Women from Vietnam are, in my experience, very easy to read. How so? Well, here’s how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you:

I’ll explain each of these points in greater detail in a moment, but first I need to let you know why I feel I’m qualified to Write this article.

First of all, I am 45 years old at the time of this writing, and I’ve been dating Asian women for my entire life (which led to marrying a Japanese woman). From Japanese women to Thai women (and everything in between), I’ve learned a lot about different cultures over the years. In that experience, I’ve always found that Vietnamese women are the easiest to get along with and understand. By far.

For comparisons sake, knowing how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you or not is insanely more difficult.

By the way, if you don’t know very much about Vietnamese culture and the people, I recommend starting with this wikipedia article. It’s a good primer of the culture and it’s traditions, and goes a LOT deeper into why Vietnamese people are the way they are.

Anyway, western women are the worst in terms of trying to figure out and understand. But that’s a topic for another post. For now, let’s just focus on women from Vietnam and what makes them so special.

4 easy ways to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you

1. She’ll usually tell you

Every Vietnamese woman that I’ve ever been in a relationship with actually told me very early on that she likes me. There was absolutely no guessing on my part. Obviously, this was amazing because it eliminated all of the stressful courting rituals that come with traditional dating.

For the record, Taiwanese girls are like this too (which makes it really easy when knowing how to tell if Taiwanese girl likes you).

2. She’ll shower you with kindness

The best way to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you or not is to see how she reacts when you’re too busy to talk to her. For the record, I’m not a rude guy, and I have never ignored any woman that I have been involved with. However, sometimes things get busy in life and work, and everything else (including relationships) can get shut out for a bit.

The Vietnamese woman that I told you about that I met online 10 years ago really taught me something about Vietnamese culture and how women from Vietnam show their affection. Here’s what happened:

I was so busy with work stuff when her birthday came around that I completely forgot. I know. It was the worst thing that a guy could ever do in a relationship, but I was so busy and it completely slipped my mind. As soon as I realized what it happened, I thought I was done for and that was the end of this particular relationship.

However, after apologizing as sincerely as I could, she accepted it and continued to show me affection like nothing had ever happened. That would never happen with a western women. Heck, even Korean and Japanese women would hold a grudge for a while – and sometimes end the relationship right then and there.

Vietnamese women shower their men with the kind of love and kindness that makes me feel weak in the knees. Of all the women that I’ve dated in my life, it’s the women from Vietnam that made me feel the most special and cared for. And that’s a good feeling to have. Especially since it makes me want to give those feelings right back to her and the overall relationship thrives because of it.

If you’re dating a Vietnamese woman for the first time and you’re not sure if she likes you or not, you’re doing quite well if she showers you with kindness and is willing to do anything to help you.

3. She’ll bring you gifts

One of the easiest ways to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you is to receive a gift from her. Especially if it’s a gift that she created herself – such as food.

In my dating experience over the years, gift giving is a common thing (no matter the culture). However, in western culture, it usually doesn’t happen until well after the relationship has been established and both individuals have known each other for quite some time. Sure, there might be rare exceptions of small funny gadgets or trinkets exchanged within the first several dates, but Vietnamese women take this to a whole new level.

Of all the Vietnamese women that have been attracted to me in my life, I’ve received handmade gifts from all of them within the first one or two meetings. Things like:

It should also be noted that there have been many Vietnamese women I’ve met who were not attracted to me. And you want to know what? I never received gifts from any of them.

The art of knowing how to tell if the Vietnamese woman likes you or not all comes down to the gifts. If she’s giving you stuff, she likes you. If she isn’t, then she’s probably not into all that much.

4. She’ll be extremely excited to bring you into her family life

Family is an extremely important part of Vietnamese culture, and dating a Vietnamese girl means that she will want to introduce you to her family as soon as possible. This seems very strange to those of us who only know western dating culture, but I’ve been introduced to more Vietnamese families than any other in my dating years.

I’d also like to point out that you should feel absolutely honored to meet her family. She’s opening up her entire life to you, so you absolutely have to respect that and appreciate what she is doing. If the Vietnamese woman you’re dating is just a casual fling to you and she wants to introduce you to her family, you need to reevaluate the situation and make sure you’re not leading her along into something that’s going to end badly for her. Don’t be that guy.

A Vietnamese woman who likes you is a very special feeling

If there’s anything to be learned from this entire article, it’s the fact that Vietnamese women are extra special. Personally, I’ve always been attracted to Japanese and Korean women the most, but both of those cultures are very similar to the US in terms of dating styles and traditions. Both Korean and Japanese women are very hard to understand sometimes (much like western women), but Vietnamese women are genuine. They are completely open and honest, and they don’t play games.

How do you tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you? Look at her face. If it lights up whenever she sees you and she finds absolute joy in bringing you gifts and telling you how she feels, you’re a very lucky man. The best part is that you’re not going have to wait months to see this kind of stuff. If a woman from Vietnam likes you, she’s gonna let you know right away and you’ll both be off on an amazing relationship together faster than you’re probably used to.


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