do not do this to your white boyfriend

Japanese and Korean girls: do NOT do this to your caucasian boyfriend

Now that I’ve shared with you something that every white guy needs to avoid doing to his Asian girlfriend, it’s time to turn things around and offer some advice to the Asian ladies. As a white man who has dated his fair share of Asian women, I believe that I’m well qualified to speak on this matter. So listen up good – because I’ve got something to say.

For the most part, dating Asian woman (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc) has been a better fit for me than trying to make it work with caucasian women. Even though I’m whiter than white bread mass produced in Davenport Iowa, I pretty sure that I’ve got a bit of “Asian” in me that makes me gel better with the modesty of most far eastern Asian countries. I’m not the kind of aggressive and outspoken man that most American women tend to gravitate towards, so naturally, I’ve had better luck finding love in Asia.

That said, there are some common things that you Japanese and Korean women do that irritate the heck out of me and make me want to be alone for the rest of my life. I’ve got a long list of these issues, so I’m pushing my shame aside and choosing a few of the bigger ones to discuss:

  • I will not carry a man bag (or “murse” as they are sometimes called). Sorry, my “macho” American culture just won’t let me do it, and I am not trying to insult you when I tell you that it’s just not my style and that I’d rather not do it. Men in the US don’t carry purses. Sorry.
  • Don’t take things so darn personally. If I make a frown face, wrinkle my nose, and shake my head “no” when you ask me something, it does not mean that I think you made a stupid suggestion and that you’re annoying me. It’s just the American way of saying “no thank you” and it’s a really hard habit to let go of when I’m around you. Please don’t be upset with me if I forget.
  • Do not put cute stuffed animals in the back window of my car. You Japanese and Korean women know exactly what it is that I’m talking about, and I’d appreciate it very much if you stop trying to do that.

Of course I realize that there are some very big cultural differences at play between white men and Asian women, and I know that it requires patience for both when in a relationship together. All I’m saying is that the things you push on us are usually the most “un-manly” parts of your culture, and that’s a lot for a white guy to handle. Easing us into your customs is key – the relationship is unlikely to work if you force it on us all at once, so please be a bit patient as we learn the ways of being Asian.

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