marrying a Japanese woman

Advice from a white guy for living with a Japanese woman

I’ve been married to my Japanese wife for over 7 years now, and I’ll going to be flat out honest with you other white guys when I say that it hasn’t been what I expected it to be. Maybe it’s because I grew up deep in the heart of the Midwestern US about as far from Asian culture as one could possibly get, but for some reason or another I thought that living with a Japanese woman would be amazingly simple and calm experience. Almost zen-like. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Don’t misunderstand me. I love my wife very much, and I would do nearly anything for her. But the idea that Japanese women (or any Asian woman for that matter) are more feminine and respectful of men is a flat out lie. In the 7 years I’ve been married to her, each passing year brings a deeper and much more asserted understanding that women are women – no matter where on earth they come from. They are all emotional, illogical, tempered, and confusing. There. I said it. Men have their bad traits too, and that’s not the point of this article (so I’m not going to get into it), but quite frankly, Asian women are no easier to live with than women from any other race.

As a matter of fact, I’d like to go down on record as saying that it can be even MORE difficult at times to live with an Asian woman. At least Japanese woman, which is where all of my experience is focused around.

Here is my advice for living with a Japanese woman:

1). Do what she tells you, or your life will be a living hell.

Since women are women no matter where they come from, you can expect a Japanese woman to carry (and sling) the same emotional baggage similar to most other women. Girls are just emotional creatures. BUT…the plot thickens with a Japanese woman, because she will be even more easily frustrated with you because of your crude western ways. Don’t kick things with your feet. Don’t say “no” too aggressively. She’ll tell you to fold your dirty clothes before putting them in the laundry basket. She’ll tell you all these things, and she’ll get emotional and combative about it when you tell her it’s hard to change because it goes against your western culture.

2). Learn to be neat and organized.

If you’re a naturally sloppy kind of guy, this one is gonna be tough, I know. Japanese culture is all about cleanliness and order. Your dirty feet, that pile of dirty clothes in the corner…these are the enemy to Japanese women, and she will nag you relentlessly to change your ways. Trust me – life becomes a lot simpler when you stop resisting and clean up after yourself.

3). Be prepared to defend western culture (and then realize how silly it is in the process).

As an American, I’m fully aware of how messed up our culture – and the government – can be at times. Unfortunately, as an outsider, my wife is even more baffled by it than I am and she loves to complain about the ways of the US and our view of the world. While I fully agree with her points most of the time, she lacks the perspective of being born and raised here and not seeing things from my point of view. This usually results in me inadvertently trying to justify the actions of the US government (which is silly) and this just adds fuel to her fire. More often than not these discussions end abruptly as I give up and walk out of the room in frustration.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time with the knowledge and understanding I have now, before we got married. I probably had set my expectations too high for marrying a Japanese woman, and I wasn’t mature enough to realize that it wasn’t going to be any better or worse than marrying a woman from another culture.

I do love her greatly though, and the past 7 years have been more good than bad. I don’t regret my decision at all. It’s been a fun challenge to say the least!

Green card advice

3 things to keep in mind once you are married and have your green card

In my last post I talked about the three most important things my Japanese wife and I learned about the US green card application process. It was grueling at times, and I was totally sick and tired of filling paperwork by the time it was finished. Of course it was totally worth it though, as it allowed my wife to live with me legally here in the US.

It was such a great feeling for us both to get that green card in the mail, and it immediately erased our concerns about being able to live together here in the US. We assumed that once we had the card, there was nothing else to worry about and we could live happily ever after – but there are some things that we’ve encountered over the years that we weren’t expecting. For the record, my wife has had her green card for 6 years now.

Here’s what my Japanese wife and I learned about being a US green card holder:

1). You have to keep records of everything.

And by everything, I literally mean everything. When you are first issued a green card, you are basically being put on probation for two years. This means that once two years have passed, you will be required to submit proof to the US government that you are not a criminal and you are still married (and therefore legally able to be a green card holder). Since my wife’s green card is dependent on her marriage to me, a US citizen, we must remain married and living together for her to keep that card.

The government wants proof of that. Pictures, documents, letters from friends and family – they want as much info as you can provide to show proof. We didn’t submit enough proof the first time, and our renewal application was rejected (which I’ll admit was a bit scary to get that letter). Once we submitted more pics and letters from friends and neighbors, our application was accepted and the probation period of my wife’s green card was lifted.

We will be required to provide the same proof at the 10 year mark, so you can bet that we are documenting as much as we can to make that next review period to go that much smoother.

2). Green card holders must carry it with them at all times.

We learned this one the hard way, while coming back from a vacation from Paris in 2011. My wife realized that she forgot to bring her green card while we were at the airport in Paris ready to hop a flight back to the US, and it took a lot of begging from the US consulate there at the airport to let her on that airplane. Once we arrived in the US, the immigration officials weren’t so nice with her. She was detained for about an hour, given a stern talking to, and was fined nearly $500. Ouch. Lesson learned.

3). The name on the green card does not need to match what is on the passport.

My wife decided to use her married name on the green card, while leaving her passport in her maiden name. This has caused zero problems for her traveling abroad and then re-entering the US. At first she always brought the marriage certificate with her just in case as proof of the name change, but US immigration officials have never once asked to see it. They already have the information in their database obviously.

Marriage and green card difficulties is one of the biggest hurdles western men face when dating in Asia. Yes, it can be a bit complicated at times, and you have to be organized, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives IMHO. Don’t worry so much – pursue that Asian woman who likes you so much and make her your wife. I’m living proof that it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

US Green Card

The 3 most important things we learned while applying for my wife’s green card

Ok. So you’ve been successful with the online dating thing and you met the woman (or man) of your dreams. The next step (if you’re brave enough) is marriage, which is undoubtedly an exciting and amazing situation to be in. I remember the feeling when my wife and I decided to get married, and there really isn’t any other feeling like it. We were scared shitless, but also felt like we were on top of the world and that our lives were now “complete”. I met her on JapanCupid by the way – a dating website I’ve already talked a lot about and highly recommend.

So now that you’ve decided to take the plunge and get married, the real challenge begins. Marriage between a citizen of the US and a citizen of another country is a very complicated thing, and I highly suggest you look into the current requirements before proceeding. The act of getting married isn’t any more difficult than it would be if it were two persons of the same nationality, but being able to actually live together is where things get tricky.

Most western men who meet women online in Asia (or anywhere else) start the application for the green card before getting married. This is a long process, often taking years to complete. But you don’t actually have to do it this way. My wife and I decided to get married before we actually had the green card, since she was already in the US on the visa waiver program. We were thrilled to find out that we could do it that way, but it wasn’t the most interesting nugget of info we learned during our application process.

Here are 3 really important things we learned while applying for a green card:

1. You will need an immigration lawyer to guide you through the process.

I’m the kind of guy who likes to do everything himself, and I was determined to do all the research and paperwork for the green card on my own. It didn’t take more than a day to realize that applying for a US green card is a complicated process and any mistakes could delay or even cancel the application. We didn’t want to run the risk of screwing something up, so we hired an immigration lawyer to guide us through the process and do all the paperwork for us. It was money well spent.

2. The amount of paperwork required is frustrating.

All I can say to you is this: be prepared to fill out stacks of paperwork spanning months at a time. Also, this paperwork will require a lot of research and documentation on your part to fill in things like work history, places you’ve lived (with addresses, phone numbers, and references), bank account history, etc. The background checks are thorough – for both the husband and wife.

3. You can screw the application process up really bad and things will still be ok.

We made one huge mistake during our application process that I thought for sure would immediately cancel our application: we MISSED our final in-person interview with the immigration officer. This interview is the last step of the green card application process, requiring you both to meet with an US immigration officer who will review your application and ask a lot of questions. My wife and I accidentally wrote down the wrong date for our appointment, and we missed it completely. We were a no-show, and once I realized what happened I thought for sure we were screwed. Long story short (and a lot of phone calls and apologizing later), we were granted a second interview slot. But they warned us if we missed it again the application would be cancelled.

The process of applying for a US green card was a very tiring and stressful experience (all that paperwork!), but it was completely worth it in the end. Our application took eight months to complete, but that was back in 2009 so I’m not really sure what the timeline is now. But we powered through it, and my Japanese wife is now a certified permanent resident of the US with the green card to prove it.

Meeting Asian women online

White guys: here’s what you need to know about meeting Asian women online

If I were granted three wishes, one of them (without a doubt) would be being allowed to go back in time to about 2005 or so with the knowledge I have now about meeting Asian women online. I didn’t know anything back then – I was just a typical American white guy in his late 20’s with very little appreciation of Asian culture who just blurted out anything he was feeling in playful sarcastic tones. This doesn’t fly in Japanese and Korean culture.

I absolutely destroyed a few good relationships with Japanese women back then due to my ignorance of their culture. Basically, I was saying the wrong things with the wrong tone of voice, and I didn’t even realize that I was being rude and inconsiderate. What is considered normal behavior here in the US is absolutely not normal in the far east. Live and learn I guess – I just wish I could go back in time and slap myself silly for not taking care to understand the differences between my own culture and theirs. I’ll bet a few of those women still think of me as an inconsiderate asshole.

Not understanding the culture and failure to learn what not to say in certain situations is probably the most important thing that white guys need to know about meeting Asian woman online in chatrooms or on dating sites like JapanCupid or KoreanCupid. But there are a few other really other important things to know:

Japanese women generally wait for the guy to make the first move

“Generally” is the key word here. When I first met my wife online (at JapanCupid), she was actually a lot more aggressive about moving the relationship along than I was expecting. But every other Japanese woman I met before her tended to sit quietly and not say anything affectionate until I said it first. This is very different from US (and western) culture, so don’t be put off if you think she really isn’t into you. Start being a bit affectionate towards her, and see what happens. If she responds in kind, you’re good. If not, it may be time to move in.

You are going to have to travel if you want to meet Asian women online.

I’d wager that this isn’t a problem for most guys, but there are some out there I’m sure can’t stand the thought of sitting on an airplane for 14 hours. My advice? Get over it. If you meet a nice girl somewhere in Asia, you are going to have to visit her every now and then or else the relationship simply isn’t going to work. Travel is a good thing actually – even if your relationship with her doesn’t work out, just having had the experience of diving head first into a new-to-you culture is something you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

You will write a lot trying to meet women from Asia online

If you don’t like writing, I’m afraid that meeting women from the far east online is going to turn into an unpleasant chore really fast. Some women prefer texting. Some prefer email. There are some that even prefer both! But when it comes right down to it, she’s going to want constant contact with you if she’s even remotely interested. Make sure you have the time commitment (and a desire to write) before you make the decision to meet Asian gals online, because if you don’t, you’re likely to revert back to the relative simplicity of meeting women in your local area.

Korean Cupid homepage screenshot review

By now you should know all about how much I’ve like – I met my wife there after all, so that in itself should say all there is to say about how legit of an Asian dating site it is. But there’s another one that I’ve had quite a bit of experience with in the past, and it was built by the same parent company. As a matter of fact, it’s basically the same website as JapanCupid, except that it was a place for meeting people from South Korea. That website, if you couldn’t guess the name by now, is Creative name, eh? At least they are consistent with their branding.

Since JapanCupid and KoreanCupid are built on the same platform by the same parent company, all of what I wrote about my JapanCupid review are applicable to KoreanCupid. The biggest difference between the two are the fact that one is Japanese based and the other Korean obviously, but it’s exactly the same experience. Therefore, I won’t list out the specific good and bad points of KoreanCupid in this review. No sense in writing it twice!

The big problem with KoreanCupid

There is one big difference that I would like to discuss, however. It’s the amount of spam, or fake accounts that I encountered during the entire duration of my subscription.

I was constantly getting notifications from beautiful Korean women who had very thin profiles (not much info), but they would never return messages. I would always wake up in the morning to see 3 or 4 new messages from women interested in connecting, but they were all young and beautiful and none of them ever responded back after I said hello. I only connected with a few real women on KoreanCupid, and they all turned into really good friendships. But it was frustrating dealing with all the fake accounts and replying to so many messages without getting a reply back.

My theory on KoreanCupid fake accounts / spam is this: there are simply a lot less woman on KoreanCupid than there are on JapanCupid, so they (the web developers and marketing team) have to keep all the guys interested by dangling carrots in front of their noses to keep them coming back. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been coming back that often had it not been for all the notifications I received, so their plan worked – for a while. I eventually got tired of the fake accounts and closed my account.

Are Korean women not attracted to western men? That was my thought initially, but the amount of Korean-American relationships I see here in southern California prove otherwise. I’m not really sure why Korean women don’t utilize this website very much. It’s bursting at the seams with white guys, so if that’s what they are looking for, there’s no better place to hang out.

My disappointing experience with KoreanCupid was way back when I was single, but I’ve still got friends who subscribe that are having the exact same experience that I did. It’s much more difficult to meet real women on KoreanCupid than JapanCupid.

You should note that it’s not a dating website worth avoiding completely, however. As I said above, I met some really great women there when I was a subscriber, so it is a valid place to mingle. But you have to be prepared to deal with the fake accounts and spam that will inevitably clog your inbox every day.

JapanCupid homepage screenshot review

For white guys looking to meet Japanese women, one of the best resources on the internet at the moment is “At the moment” is probably the wrong choice of wording since it’s been around for a very long time and it was one of the first Asian dating sites I used starting way back in 2005. It’s so good, in fact, that I ended up marrying a woman I met there in 2009.

My personal experience with JapanCupid ended in 2009 obviously, but I have a handful of friends (both male and female) who use the site today and can back me up in my claim about it still being one of the best sources for Japanese-Western relationships out there today. Many Japanese women do like white guys, so if you’re a guy who’s been curious about dating in Asia, this is one of the first places you should start.

Like all online dating sites, there are some good and bad things about JapanCupid. Here then, based on my own personal experience and the experiences of people I know, are the good and bad points about this highly active Japanese dating site:

The good things about JapanCupid

  • The member database is huge. This is a highly popular dating site for men and women all over the world.
  • The site is simple and easy to use. It’s easy to check messages, browse new listings, and add favorites. Notifications are a big plus too.
  • I like the fact that it covers a very specific dating niche. Single white people people looking for single Japanese people (and vise versa), and everyone is there for the same reason.
  • It’s not necessarily a “hookup” site – in my experience, 99% of the women I met there were interested in long term relationships, which was exactly what I was looking for. This might seem like a negative to a lot of guys, but if you’re someone a bit older like me, you’ll likely see this as a plus.
  • I met my wife there. If that’s not proof enough that works, I don’t know what is.

The bad things about JapanCupid

  • There are a high number of “fake” accounts. This is purely speculation on my part, but I found that when things got slow (nobody was contacting me), I would get random “hello’s” from amazingly beautiful young Japanese women who would normally never be interested in a guy like me. None of them wrote back after I responded, so after a while I concluded that these were fake accounts generated by JapanCupid themselves to keep people (men) coming back to the site. All of my friends who still use this site today confirm it’s still happening.
  • Competition is fierce if you’re a guy. There are a LOT more men on the site than women, but honestly, that’s to be expected of any dating website.

In concludsion, the good far outweigh the bad. It’s no the perfect dating website by any means, but that’s to be expected when it comes to online dating. You need to act with caution just as you would in real life, and if you’re careful about it, you may just find the love of your life in Japan.

Asian dating vs western dating

Asian dating vs. western dating

As a white guy who’s dated his fair share of white (western) and Asian women, I’m fairly confident when I say that Asian dating isn’t all that different than western dating. For some odd reason, I’ve run into a lot of caucasian people who think that Asian culture is something from another universe, and it’s difficult for them to comprehend how I could stand the differences due to the cultures being so different.

On one hand, it is true. Most Asian cultures are completely different than the US way of thinking that is burned deep into my brain, and it has been difficult at times to be with a Asian woman who doesn’t fully understand my point of view. And yes, that goes both ways. I’ve been accused many times of not fully appreciating the point of view of the Asian woman I am with. The struggle is indeed real and both the man and woman needs to make an honest effort to keep the other happy.

However, cultural differences aside, we humans are all the same. Asian dating for me is not any different than dating a caucasian woman when it comes right down to it. Everyone has the same emotions and needs in life. We all need food and shelter. We all want to feel loved. Most of us have compassion for others, and a drive to succeed. Women are woman and men are men. It’s really that simple.

However, for those of you out there who are curious about dating outside of your own race and want to know the drill before you jump in with both feet, let me point out a few of the biggest differences between dating Asian woman vs. caucasian (besides the fact that Asian women kiss differently than western women):

Asian dating is more calm

Let’s face it. We Americans, on the whole, are loud and brash. We say what we feel, are not afraid to be loud, and don’t always appreciate other’s feelings as much as we should. It’s not like we are trying to be rough around the edges – it’s just the way we are and we all tend to accept it as normal. This doesn’t fly in most Asian cultures – especially in South Korea and Japan. As a western person dating someone from Asia, you need to be cognizant of the fact that their culture is generally a lot calmer and quieter than ours is, and blurting out things before thinking about it will get you in trouble. Fast.

Asian dating will make you a better person

This is actually a continuation of the point above, but it’s important enough to be it’s own thing. Yes, it is true that dating an Asian will make you a better person. You will learn to be more calm, learn to appreciate the feeling of others better, and you will start seeing the world through their eyes. For the record, I love the US. It’s my home. My country. I wouldn’t change my culture if I could. That being said, dating women from Asia has shown me how much of an asshole I really am at times. I don’t mean to say things so harshly – it’s my culture, and being called out on it from someone from a completely different culture has helped me to grow as a person.

Asian dating will test your patience

I’ve just pointed out how dating someone from Asia will make you a calmer, better person. But it doesn’t happen overnight, and you will get annoyed by someone pointing out your bad points from time to time. It’s natural to feel defensive when being called out like that, so don’t worry if you feel your blood boiling when he or she tells you that what you’ve said offended them when you honestly didn’t mean anything bad by it. Just remember – if you love this person enough, making the effort to appreciate their culture is the key to a long and happy relationship.

Dating asian women at work

Tips for hitting on that cute Asian girl at work

I’m actually going to give away the big secret to hitting on that cute Asian girl at work right here in the beginning of the article (just because I think it’s that important): quite simply, do not do it. If you value your job and your overall happiness, do not even think about hitting on someone you work with. I speak from experience on this one, and despite how innocent and fun you may think this would be, 99% of the time it ends very badly. Here’s why:

  • Being distracted at work is never a good thing. You’ll spend more time thinking about that person and worrying about how well things are (or are not) going between you and them rather than focusing on the job you need to pay your bills.
  • You will be miserable every moment you are at work – as if you weren’t already before. You will overanalyze every interaction, feel bad when you feel like you are being ignored, and devastated when they go out to lunch with someone else instead of you.
  • When things go bad (and they will, trust me), being at work near that person will be the last place you want to be. Seriously – you’ll be wishing you were scrubbing toilet bowls in a busy truck stop in the middle of Nebraska rather than being at work near that person.

I could probably go on forever about how bad it is to date (or even be attracted to) someone that you work with, but I’ve been in this situation many times and I know exactly how easy it is to get lured in by that cutie sitting across from you who always smiles when you walk by.

If for whatever reason you can’t shake the desire to hit on her in hopes of sweeping her off her feet and living happily ever after together, I offer you this advice:

  • Don’t freaking do it. I’m very serious about this!
  • Start very (very) slow. Notice how she interacts with others. Is she super friendly and bubbly to everyone, or is she noticeably nicer to you than she is to everyone else?
  • If you sense a bit of attraction on her part, crank things up a notch by asking her to lunch. If she says no, then leave it at that and forget about it right then and there. At least you know where you stand.
  • If she agrees, go to lunch with her but do not treat it like a date. You are simply two colleagues enjoying lunch together.
  • You’re on your own at this point – if it goes well, keep hanging out away from work. AWAY from work is the key point here. If anyone in the office gets wind that the two of you are a thing, you risk getting fired. Yes, that really does happen – I’ve seen it happen twice in my career so far.

The bottom line is that you need to exercise extreme caution about showing affection towards someone else in the workplace. Not only for your career, but for your own mental health as well. Because when things go wrong (and they will), you are stuck there at work with that person and there’s nothing you can do about it unless one of you quits. Its a messy situation for all involved.

Apple Watch dating

This is how the Apple watch can improve your dating life

I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch for almost four months now, and it’s one of those kinds of things that makes me shake my head and wish this kind of technology was available when I was still single and looking for love. It’s definitely not as revolutionary as Apple claims it to be, but it’s made a significant enough impact on my daily life that I think it qualifies as one of my favorite tech toys right now.’s probably the best tech product I’ve purchased in the last several years. For the first time in my life, I can track my daily fitness routines and physical stats without even thinking about it, and I never miss a text message or important notification. I feel so…connected!

Besides the obvious fitness tracking capabilities, I’ve noticed a few really neat features of the Apple Watch that would have come in really handy during my dating years. Let me explain:

Apple Watch users have a lot in common

Pretend you’re on a busy train, and you want to get the attention of that cute guy or gal standing across from you. You could just slide over with an awkward “how you doin’?” in your best Joey Tribiani voice, but wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to ask them a question about their Apple Watch? People are really proud of these things, and even I (as shy and introverted as I am) love talking about it and showing it others if they ask about it. If you aren’t wearing one yourself, you could ask them what they think about it. But if you’re wearing one, even better – you instantly have something in common and the icebreaker is all ready out of the way.

You can use your Apple Watch as an excuse to skip out on a bad date

The power of notifications on your wrist is a pretty big deal. Set a timer right before meeting someone for the first time, and the ringing notification and buzzing you get when it goes off is your excuse to bail if things aren’t going well. It would look totally legit too – hearing the ringing and buzzing, looking nervously at your watch to see what’s happening, and then breaking the bad news to your date that there’s an emergency and you have to run. God I wish I had this when I was single.

You’ll never miss a notification with the Apple Watch

Missing text messages or other notifications from your loved ones has ended relationships. It’s happened to all of us at one point or another, totally by accident, and it’s not an easy thing to apologize for. The haptic feedback feature of the Apple Watch is a guaranteed way that you will never miss important messages, gently tapping you on the wrist when you’re being summoned.

Apple Watches aren’t so common in Asia…yet

I feel like I need to mention this since the topic of this blog is about Asian women and white guys – but it is a very valid point. For you western men traveling to Asia, you may find that your Apple Watch will get a lot of attention (from both men and women) during your stay. This is a great way to meet people, and poking away at your watch on a busy train in Tokyo, or speaking into it on the streets of Hong Kong is a sure way to get people to ask you what it is that you’re doing. Use it as a tool to meet people!

I don’t think had “dating life improvements” as a top selling point when designing the Apple Watch, but after four months of ownership I can totally see it as a valid reason for all you single guys and gals out there to get one. Some of us need more help than others when it comes to our love lives, and what’s not to like about adding another tool to your dating toolbox?

Hong Kong

White guys in Hong Kong have it easy

Yesterday I wrote a bit about my recent experiences as a white guy visiting Taipei. Although I did feel a bit out of place there due to the lack of other westerners around, and that wasn’t a bad thing. After all, leaving the safe confines of home and throwing yourself into something new and unfamiliar is what travel is all about. It’s the most educational experience there is, and if you haven’t traveled much in your life so far I can’t recommend it enough. Get out there and explore!

Also in yesterday’s article, I touched upon the fact that Hong Kong is probably the most westernized city in Asia, and every time I go I feel like I’m at the crossroads between the east and west. You’ll see as many western tourists as you see western business people, so it’s a great place to visit if you’re a first time visitor to Asia. Hong Kong was my first trip to Asia way back in 2002, and it was the perfect trip to give me a taste of what Asia is all about. I craved a lot more from that single experience.

Meeting women in Hong Kong

If you’re a white guy in Hong Kong looking to meet Asian women (from all parts of Asia), you’ll do well here. I’ve been in a relationship the last couple times I’ve been there, so I wasn’t looking to meet anyone, but I was still very much single the first time I went in 2002. Unfortunately I was just a painfully shy and somewhat bashful 27 year old and it was difficult for me to meet women back then. They basically had to approach me – I was too shy to approach them unfortunately, and I do wish that I could go back in time and slap myself silly for worrying about being rejected all the time.

Luckily for me, I was approached by a beautiful young Chinese woman during that trip, and it caught me totally off-guard. I was just hanging out in the air-conditioned lobby of a department store or office building trying to escape the sweltering heat of the streets for a moment, and she approached me shyly and very cutely in broken English and asked if I knew where the movie theater was.

The most amazing thing about that experience was that I was actually on the way to the theater myself to see the latest Star Wars movie. What are the odds of something like that happening?! I knew it was just down the street a block or two, but the shy guy in me freaked out and told her (with a smile) that I didn’t know. Ugh! She looked to be a tourist as well, carrying a backpack and a look of confusion on her face, so it would have been an excellent opportunity to have made a new friend. I was such an idiot…

The moral of this story is that…well…there really isn’t one other than making sure to not be an idiot like me when approached by a beautiful young woman looking for directions to the exact place you are on your way to yourself.

In all my trips to Hong Kong over the years, I’ve seen more caucasian men and Asian women together than any other city in Asia. It’s just more accepted here I suppose, probably rooting way back to when Hong Kong was still under British rule. These kinds of interracial relationships have been going on since the very beginning here, so if you’re a white guy looking for the love of your life, you may just find it in Hong Kong.