5 crystal clear signs that a Korean woman likes you

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Based on my experience, Korean women are very hard to read. They can be gentle and kind one moment, and rigorous and firm the next. Especially in business situations. That being said, getting into a relationship with a Korean woman is a bit different than it is with women from other Asian nations. These are the signs that a Korean woman likes you:


I’ll explain all of these signs in more detail in just a moment. But first I need to clarify a few things before going forward:

It’s true – the most frustrating dating experiences of my life have been with women from Korea

I’ll never forget the The last time I was in Seoul. I saw a young Korean woman with a white guy (presumably from the United States or Europe). They were arguing on a crowded street, and he kept pulling away his hand as she tried to grab it.

He finally turned and walked away in total frustration, with her yelling what I presumed to be obscenities at him. Knowing what I know about Korean women, it actually didn’t seem all that odd of a situation to me.

All the signs that a Korean woman likes you

Once you’ve figured out where to meet Korean women, getting attention is a completely different challenge. Basically, getting to know a Korean woman will involve a roller coaster of emotions. One moment she’ll be showering you with kindness and affection, and the next moment she’ll flake out on you forget you even existed. It will be MUCH harder than knowing how to tell if a Thai woman likes you.

seoul korea

Life is never dull in Korea – especially when it comes to dating!

Having dated a handful of Korean women back in my single days, I was eventually able to identify a handful of very clear signs that Korean women give out to indicate their interest in a man:

1. They will call a meeting

Women from Korea are extremely business-oriented. To succeed as a Korean is to succeed in business, and they have drive and determination to do well just as professionally as they do personally. That’s why it was never strange to me that nearly every Korean woman that eventually became my girlfriend usually started the relationship off by calling a meeting of some type.

The Korean women who did these things more often were the ones I eventually got to know better outside of work.

Interestingly enough, in personal situations outside of work, meetings were still called. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve sat in a room with a pretty Korean woman who asked me there to brainstorm some ideas about personal stuff going on in her life. And just like the professional brainstorming sessions which happened in the workplace, there were indeed whiteboards, post-it-notes, and dry erase markers involved.

It happened so often that I’m actually sort of convinced that this is the default way that Korean girls ask out guys. It’s what they are most comfortable with, and I was always happy to follow along if I was interested in her as well.

2. She won’t be afraid to spill her emotions

Koreans are very emotional people. Especially the women. I suspect this has a lot to do with the pressures put on them by their parents (and Korean society as a whole), so I don’t consider this to be a major fault.

Han river Seoul

How much you wanna bet that those two guys are sharing stories about the things that their girlfriends tell them?

Every Korean woman that I’ve ever been in a relationship with was very open and emotional right from the beginning. In comparison, my Japanese wife held on tightly to her emotions for the first six months. S

he was like a completely different person after she got completely comfortable with me, which made the transition a bit difficult. In that regard, the differences between Japanese and Korean women are huge!

If a Korean woman likes you, she won’t be afraid to tell you what she’s thinking.

3. She’ll (probably) flake out on you at least once

As silly as it may sound, flaking out a bit is a sign that a Korean woman likes you.  It may seem frustrating and awkward at first, but to them, it’s just a normal part of the communication process. I’ll give you and example to explain what I mean:

  1. Before I was married, I was friends with a Korean woman on Instagram. We weren’t really close, but we started back-and-forth conversation every so often.
  2. Anyway, she DM’d me one day asking if she could set up a video call to discuss a project she was working on at work. She simply wanted to interview me as part of a case study. See what I mean about Korean women and meetings?
  3. We set up a time to meet for the next day. That time came and went and she never called. She totally flaked out on me.
  4. The next day, she texted me back apologizing profusely saying that she completely forgot and would like to reschedule if possible. Unfortunately, I was traveling at the time and it was hard for me to reconnect in a timely manner for her to finish her a case study.

She was still extremely apologetic, and spent the next week texting me random funny things just to keep the conversation going. She never texted me that much in the past. But all of a sudden, she was pouring it on heavy. We remained close friends for a long time, and that experience only made our relationship stronger. We are still friends to this day actually.

4. She responds instantly to your DM‘s

Even if a Korean woman flakes out on you from time to time, don’t worry. If she responds instantly to your direct messages, it’s a sign that she likes you.

Even with the example that I gave above about the Korean woman who flaked out on me (regarding the meeting that she scheduled), she still replied to all of my DM‘s within 10 minutes. 24 hours a day, seven days a week – it didn’t matter. She was always very quick to respond.

Korean women stay connected to the outside world through their messaging apps. Whether it be Instagram, line, WeChat, or whatever… If she gives you access to them all, that’s a very good sign that she’s into you. When she replies to your messages nearly instantly, that’s an even better sign.

Every Korean woman that I’ve ever been somewhat involved with responded to direct messages within minutes. It didn’t take very very long to conclude that this rapid response is a clear sign of mutual interest.

Contrast this with Taiwanese women, who don’t often respond to text messages as often as Korean women. It makes knowing how to tell if a Taiwanese women likes you or not extremely difficult.

5. She won’t stop asking questions

Another thing I noticed when trying to figure out if a Korean woman liked me or not was to analyze the questions she was asking me:

  1. Was she asking me any questions at all?
  2. If she was, how personal (and deep) were those questions?

I’m not sure what it is about Korean women that tempt them to ask so many questions, but I never noticed it as much with other Asian women. Vietnamese Women and Filipinas don’t ask very many questions. And because of that, it’s really tough to figure out if they like you or not.

If a Korean woman likes you, she will be constantly asking you questions. And from my past experience, it’ll be mostly questions about work and future plans. The Korean work ethic is very strong, and it’s what they are comfortable talking about.

If she really likes you, she’ll eventually start digging into your personal life. This isn’t as common in the beginnings of a relationship, but it’s a very clear sign that she likes you if she starts hitting you with questions about your childhood and your family.

A few final thoughts about trying to figure out whether or not a Korean woman likes you (or not)

The most important takeaway from all this is that you need to have patience dating Korean women (and especially getting to the point of having sex with them). It’s probably going to be awkward and frustrating at first, but if you have a little patience, it’ll be worth it in the long run. Try not to think about every little thing she does, and just enjoy the experience.


My name is Doug, and I'm an ordinary white guy living in the US. 10 years ago I married a Japanese woman that I met online, and it's been an adventure to say the least! I started AsiaGraphix.com as a way to share all the lessons I've learned about dating (and ultimately marrying) an Asian woman.

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