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This is what it’s like to be a white guy with an Asian fetish

First of all, there needs to be a disclaimer (more of a warning actually) before I even begin this post. If you’re the kind of person who is easily offended about discussions of sexuality and / or kinky stuff, hit the back button on your browser or RSS feed right now! I’m going to get brutally honest and raw with this post (more than I ever have in the past) and it may be offensive to some. You have been warned.

I am a white guy with an Asian fetish

There. I said it. It took me a long time to have the courage to admit it, but the fact that I have an overwhelming desire to run home and masturbate after every encounter I have with an Asian woman is pretty much the definition “fetish“ I guess. And before you label me as a pervert who needs to be sent to a self help group (or an insane asylum), you have to know that I am a mature and contributing member of society – I have an amazing family, I run several businesses, and most people who I meet will tell you that I’m a really good guy who would do anything for anyone. And we all have a kinky side.

Yes, I do have a thing for Asian women. As I wrote on the About page, my fascination with Japanese and Korean women began back in 1996, right when the internet was becoming mainstream. That was the first time in my life that I had the opportunity to peek rather deeply into these amazing Far East countries, and well…it only took a few weeks before I was hanging out on Yahoo! Personals looking for an Asian girlfriend. “Akikio” was the first woman I met on Yahoo! in 1997. I wonder where she is now?

Anyway, I’m not going to lie – seeing Japanese porn for the first time in my life was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, and since there were no Asian women where I lived in the Midwestern US at the time, masturbating to Japanese internet porn became a daily activity.

Two years later I moved to California, where the Asian population in places (such as San Francisco) made my head spin. There were Asian women everywhere, and I literally felt like I had died and went to heaven!

Of course being shy and somewhat introverted severely limited the amount of relationships I was able to stumble into, and it was a fun 20 years of meeting women from all parts of Asia here in my own country. It ended up being the north eastern Asian girls that I was most attracted to – there was just something so mesmerizing about Japanese and Korean women that made me weak in the knees, and to this day, I’ve never been able to shake it.

I spent a lot of time on Japan Cupid and Korean Cupid looking for the love of my life, and I eventually found her in 2009. We married in 2010.

This is what my life is like now as a white guy with an Asian fetish

I’m 44 years old now, and even though I’ve been married to a Japanese woman for the past 8 years, my Asian fetish is as strong as it’s ever been. The weird thing is that my wife seems to be exempt from these lustful feelings – so it’s not like I’m chasing her around the house with those crazy weird pervert eyes (and an obnoxious erection), making her life miserable and uncomfortable.

I’ve been living with her for so long now that she’s just a “human” to me – a human being just like me, with real thoughts and feelings, and she’s just trying to get on with her life in the most happy and productive way possible like we all are. I do not see her as a sex object. If anything, we’re just buddies who enjoy hanging out together, and I’m not ashamed to admit that sex isn’t even a thing anymore. And we’re both 100% okay with that.

As I said though, my fetish for Asian women is fierce. For example, we shop in Japanese grocery stores here in Southern California, and every time go in I can’t help but to feel flustered (and excited!) to see those super-cute cashier ladies. Of course I’m not staring at them like a psycho or anything, and I’m even pretending to pay attention to my wife (like a good husband should) when she asks me if I want grapes or apples.

All the guys reading this post are saying “yeah, I totally get it”, while I imagine that most of the women are thinking that I’m a loose-canon loser pervert who needs to be locked up for good. To the guys, I give you a virtual high-five. To the ladies, well, I’m sorry to inform you that this is the way that EVERY guy on this planet thinks. Your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, grandfather – they ALL think about sex like this all the time whether they like to admit it or not, so don’t be so quick to judge me here.

All men have a sexual fantasy running through their brains at any given moment, and mine are primarily Asian-themed. Is that so wrong? We all have our turn-on’s and fetishes, and it just so happens that I’m not afraid to write about mine. Especially since I am the author of a blog which helps white men and Asian women get together.

I’ve never cheated on my wife (and I never will), but I do enjoy a good masturbation session fantasizing about the Asian women I encounter in my daily life. Is that so wrong? I’d like to think that most of these women would be flattered that a white guy like me was so intensely attracted to them anyway, so as long as I’m not bothering them, no harm no foul.

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