What are Thai girls like? All the important stuff guys need to know!

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There will come a day in every man’s life when he will turn to another man and ask: what are Thai girls like? By clicking on this article, chances are pretty good that today is that day for you.

Thai girls are sweet and giving. they can also be opinionated and vocal, leading you to question whether or not choosing to be with a Thai girl was a good decision at all. Thai girls are also:

It goes a lot deeper than that though, and I’ll be explaining all of the different characteristics of Thai women that you need to know about. Most are good. Some are bad. But they are all incredibly interesting.

For the record, all the information for this article comes from both my own past experience and the current experiences of my friends (ex-pats from the US and Europe) who are living in Thailand right now. They all live with a Thai girlfriend or wife.

While I have never dated a Thai girl, I have worked with them professionally for over 20 years. That, combined with the relationship experiences of my friends, should be enough data to give you all you need to know about Thai girls and what they are really like.

Seriously. What are Thai girls like?

Being with a Thai girl is something special indeed. Thai culture is a very honorable and respectful, and it is a stark contrast to the more selfish cultures of the west.

Thai girls are sticky

One of the most common things I hear from my friends who are dating or married to a Thai girl is that they are incredibly sticky. Once they find someone they are attracted to and comfortable with, the latch on and don’t let go very easily.

Sticky Thai girls

“Holy crap she’s got a tight grip!” I can just tell that’s exactly what he’s thinking.

Although I’ve never experienced this characteristic while working with Thai women in a professional environment, my friends tell me that this is the best part of being with a Thai girl.

Simply put, they honor and respect the man they are with. Their guy means the world to them, and they want to spend as much time with him as possible.

Thai girls are loyal

Stickiness leads to loyalty. Because Thai girls are so sticky, this naturally translates into being incredibly loyal as well.

My friends tell me that disloyal and dishonest Thai girls are rare. They certainly exist, but for the most part, a Thai girl isn’t going to leave you for another guy once you’re in a relationship with her.

I have noticed trace amounts of this characteristic in the professional workspace as well. Every Thai girl that I’ve ever worked with has come through on her promises. Not only that, they typically went above and beyond to do what they said they were going to do.

Thai girls are opinionated

Despite being sticky and loyal, Thai girls can get quite opinionated at times. Dating a Thai girl is not as quiet and calm of an experience as dating a Japanese woman.

Thai people are not afraid to speak their mind once they get comfortable with the people they are surrounded with. That’s a good thing.

Anyway, to me, this is one of the most interesting characteristics of a Thai woman. When you first meet one, they always seem so quiet and sweet. However (after a while), and you start getting comfortable with one another, all bets are off. You can expect her to say pretty much anything that’s on her mind. Get ready!

As a matter fact, if she’s telling you her deepest opinions, it’s a clear sign a Thai woman likes you.

Thai girls are adventurous

Of all the Asian women that I have met, it’s been the women from Thailand who have been the most adventurous. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this is, but I have a few ideas:

My friends tell me that Thai girls are the most exciting kind to be in a relationship with. They are very active, and it seems as if they’ve always got something interesting going on in their life.

active Thai girls

How much you wanna bet she dropped her boyfriend 10km back? Thai girls are hard to keep up with!

Thai girls are family-oriented

If you’re looking to settle down with someone in a long-term relationship, it’s hard to beat being with a girl from Thailand.

Family is very important in Thai culture, and everything revolves around that close family unit. Families stick together for life, and support each other any way that they can.

This is especially true when it comes to Thai girls, as it isn’t uncommon for them to live with their family until they get married. For some women, that can last deep into their 30s.

What is it like dating Thai girls?

There’s a reason why I have so many friends from the US, Europe, and Australia living in Thailand. Dating Thai women has proven to be a very satisfying experience for all of them. No, it’s not the perfect dating utopia (no place on this planet is), but they all very much seem to like the dating scene in all parts of Thailand.

Dating a Thai girl is a little bit different than dating a woman from other parts of Asia

The most important thing you need to know about dating Thai girls

Dating a Thai girl the complete opposite of dating a girl from a western country. Thai women are not as independent as their western counterparts, and they need more love and support than you may be used to giving.

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2 characteristics of Thai women that you need to watch out for

Although most of the characteristics of Thai women are pleasant, there are some that you need to watch out for. Especially if you’re looking to get into a long-term relationship.

1. Watch out for Thai women who are looking for a sugar daddy

The cost of living in Thailand is low because incomes are low. It’s hard to make a good living in Thailand if you don’t have any marketable skills, and this causes many native Thailand people to seek ways of leaving the country in order to find a better life elsewhere.

older man dating in Thailand

Two of the people in this pic are getting paid very well. Just sayin’.

If you meet a young and beautiful Thai woman who is excessively nice to you after your first interaction, watch out. It doesn’t automatically mean that she’s trying to use you for your money, but it’s a red flag for sure.

It’s always safe practice to ease into a new relationship and take things slow. Women who are just using you for your money won’t have any patience for that, and they’ll move on to their next target quickly.

2. Watch out for Thai women who are looking for an escape from Thailand

My same warning about an overly sticky / young and attractive Thai woman latching on to you too soon applies here. If it seems too good to be true, chances are pretty good that it is.

Again, the best way to weed out Thai women who are just using you for their own personal gain is to go slow and keep your distance in the beginning. It will make the legitimate women(the ones who aren’t trying to scam you) want you more. It will also make the ones who are trying to scam you really frustrated. They will move on quickly.

In general, the characteristics of Thai women are pleasant and nice. Just make sure you’re paying attention and not being blind to the fact that there are bad people in the world who will think of nothing of using you for their own personal gain.


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